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We are global business finance specialists who connect business to business and as a corporate advisor we introduce our clients to financial organisations who specialise in business finance and who are regulated as and where necessary in the jurisdictions in which they operate.

By working in collaboration with our network of over 300 funders we are able to introduce our clients to an extensive array of suitably structured and bespoke funding solutions to suit any equity requirement. (subject to status)

Our expansive network of funding partners include Traditional Banks, Commercial fund houses, Venture Capitalists, Business Angels all offering an expansive range of structures including traditionally structured loans, equity investment, invoice factoring, asset finance and even unsecured cash flow advances.

We are owned by the National Alliance Group and as such we are able to offer more than just introducing our clients to our funding partners due to being able to draw on their expertise and assist with the design and implementation of successful commercial strategies specialising in the core areas as detailed below:

Business Finance

Many of our clients have ambitious expansion aspirations and one of our own USPs is our ability to introduce our clients to our network of High Net Worth regulated investment partners with a variety of capital funding options to suit the needs of businesses in any industry in any jurisdiction around the world.

Growth and Expansion Strategies

If you want to grow and expand your business a carefully designed and executed strategy is essential. We will work with you to implement a strategy that will make your growth easier, reduce risks and accelerate expansion. We do more than simply focus on sales and marketing because achieving sustainable longevity is about more than simply getting bigger and making more money. There are many other factors to consider such as company culture time pressures on your existing team and recruitment of new staff to ensure that new business can be serviced effectively.

Change and Restructure Strategies

If you want to design a business change and restructure strategy that delivers the outcomes you are looking for you will need a strategic plan. Whether you are looking at a merger, reduction in staff, competitive advantage, spin out a new company or something else, you need a strategy that will deliver and any strategic changes must deliver the future you are looking for that may include cost savings, increased productivity and economies of scale.

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